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How Drug Smuggling Affects the Society

Many countries of the world are having to deal with smuggling of goods into and out of their borders. Smuggling is normally seen as an alternative way of transporting things without necessarily involving the governing authorities. It is done in a bid to avoid taxation or, in case of illegal goods, avoiding arrest by the police. The categories of products sold on the black market include those that are illicit as well as legal goods whose supply is restricted. Drugs of various kinds are also smuggled in and out of some countries. There exist numerous reasons why people are involved in the smuggling of drugs. Whatever their reasons are, the trade has some undesirable impact on the individuals and the society at large. Below is an outline of some of these effects.

First and foremost, a larger portion of these drugs that are sold on the black market is illegal. The fact that they have dangerous side effects could be the reason why they were prohibited in the first place. Some may even be unable to meet the particular health standards required by the authorities. The desire to turn a quick profit may have inspired the producers’ greed and caused them to ignore important production guidelines. If the drugs are allowed to get into the market, they may cause inexplicable suffering to the users, even leading to death.

The other effect of drug smuggling is that it causes people to lose their livelihoods. Restriction of trade is done by governments that wish to cushion their citizens against unfair trade practices from outside the country. They do this to ensure that the local firms can grow faster and establish themselves firmly in the market. The Illegal importation of such products will therefore damage this environment set up by the government. The local market players end up being deprived of the opportunity to compete fairly and some may even be driven completely out of the market. The locals will thus end up losing the only source of income that could have supported their ;lives.

It is also possible for illegal trade to adversely impact a nation’s economy. The revenue that is used to run the government’s activities is derived from tax imposed on goods being trade. The first priority of every government is to provide its citizens with the appropriate services when needed. Illicit trading of goods therefore starves the government of the much needed income, meaning that its unable to serve its people well.

It’s also not possible to depend on the reliability of smuggled drugs. By virtue of their having to dodge the authorities most of the time, illegal traders are inconsistent in delivering the drugs to users. This means that regular users will suffer deprivation if they go for long without their normal dose.

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